"Vocational Habilitation" means services that provide learning and work experiences, including
volunteer work, where the individual develops general skills that lead to competitive integrated
employment such as ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, coworkers, and customers;
generally-accepted community workplace conduct and dress; ability to follow directions; ability to
attend to tasks; workplace problem-solving skills and strategies; and workplace safety and mobility
training. Services are expected to occur over a defined period of time with specific outcomes to be
achieved determined by the individual and his or her team.

✓ Supports the individual's membership in the community

✓ Enhance general, transferrable employment- related skills

✓ Require annual, individualized progress reports

✓ Is a step toward employment

✓ Can include volunteer opportunities

What activities can be included in Vocational Habilitation? (See rule definition for full

• Developing a systematic plan of instruction and support

• Providing assistance to increase social integration

• Support and training for individualized or community-based transportation services

• Support to increase problem solving skills and meet job expectations

• Assistance using natural supports and community resources

• Education to maintain current skills (including hygiene, work skills, etc.)

• Developing and implementing a transition plan

• Assistance with self-medication or medication administration

Vocational Habilitation in Rule