Adult Day Support (ADS) is a service that can be used to help a person attain and maintain his or her maximum potential through a variety of supports. This can include volunteering in the community, improving self-determination skills, expanding personal choice and independence and much more. ADS is a person centered service. ADS services at VPI include opportunities to contribute to the community in ways that are meaningful to you, such as volunteering at a local non-profit or learning to shop for yourself in the community. Each person can work with their staff at VPI to design services that lead to individual success. Our goal as a quality service provider is to be person centered and community minded.

"Adult day support" means provision of regularly scheduled activities in a non-residential setting,
such as assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement of self-help, socialization, and
adaptive skills that enhance the individual's social development and performance of daily community
living. Adult day support shall be designed to foster the acquisition of skills, build community
membership and independence, and expand personal choice. Adult day support enables the individual
to attain and maintain his or her maximum potential.

✓ Supports the individual's membership in the community

✓ Enhances opportunities for community membership, personal growth, independence, and natural

✓ Can include volunteer opportunities

✓ Can be used for when individuals are not at work

What activities can be included in Adult Day Supports? (See rule definition for full description)

• Supports to participate in community activities, including recreational and leisure

• Supports to develop and maintain a meaningful social life

• Supports to increase problem solving skills

• Personal care

• Skill reinforcement

• Education in self-determination

• Assistance with self-medication or medication administration

Adult Say Supports in Rule