VPI encourages each and every person it serves to work and/or participate in his/her community. To foster community inclusion, VPI employs a Certified Employment Support Professional to help individuals develop: job preferences and interests, job skills, job seeking skills and job try-outs.  We partner with area businesses and provide on the job support.

  1. the job seeker feels confident that they can perform the job
  2. the employer is 100% satisfied with the employee.

Venture Productions has partnered with OOD (opportunity for Ohoian’s with disabilities),  to expand community employment services to adults with developmental disabilities to transition from segregated settings into integrated competitive employment. Venture Productions provides the following services: Job Development, Career Exploration, Job Placement, Job Coaching, Job Carving,  Assistance with OOD Benefit Analysis, Job Retention and Transportation.

It’s our goal to place individuals in the community at a job where they will be very successful and happy long term. We hope they find new friendships, and a meaningful journey along the way of their employment.

Individual Employment Support

"Individual employment support" means individualized support for an individual to maintain
competitive integrated employment.

✓ Are provided one on one

✓ Supports an individual in maintaining or advancing in current competitive employment

✓ Promotes interactions between participants and people without disabilities in an integrated

What activities can be included in Individual Employment Supports?

(See rule definition for full description)

• Job coaching

• Assistive technology training

• Personal care and assistance (can be a component but not entire service)

Individual Employment Support in Rule



Ohio Department of Transportation- Rest Area, ODOT Garage and Outpost.

Comfort Home Care

American Legion Seaman


Taco Bell

Adams County Manor Nursing Home

Humane Society



Cruisers Diner